During the Global Pandemic, PARTI Program empowered youth like the few featured below, to create and share videos to their peers and classmates. PARTI Call to Action: Implement self care and service activities to support youth transition out of shelter in place with socio-emotional support.  

March - April- Global youth service day 2020 May




Our Global Youth Service Day Trim Project impacts youth in Southern California to create positive connections to create violence and bullying safety net for youth.




Lena is a 11th grade student who advocates for youth who need support to be safe. She represents the voice of PARTI. 

positive alternative recreation teambuilding impact program

 Every day we work to change the lives of youth who suffer from bullying, depression, violent lifestyles, unhealthy relationships, and unstable families.  

Our Underline Magic

Supporting Youth Equity

 "We want young people to feel like they have a voice. We want them to go into every situation they enter in life knowing that they will be heard."  - Winston Ashby, Founder

Our goal is to create a seamless network of services that address the academic needs, positive social connection to peers and caring adults, concern for personal and physical health, removal of barriers to employment, character development, service to community, and involvement and inclusion with higher education/vocation institutions. 

A letter from a student

A letter from a student - 2020


Student led virtual graduation party support class of 2020

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Support youth to feel empowered. This flyer was created by youth to support all graduates of 2020. Thank you Elana from Independence High School for creating the flyer.


 We hope that each of you and your families are safe and healthy during this time of concern for the well being of ourselves and our families. Our intention is to continue to check in with our youth during school closures and we ask that you check in with them and the elderly in your community as long as it is safe.


COVID -19 Message from Santa Clara Office of Cultural Compet

Keep SAFE AND HEalthy


  1. Managing stress levels.
  2. The importance of staying and keeping others informed on developing guidelines by public health.
  3. Staying connected with our families and friends  and accepting help when needed.
  4. Reaching out and helping others. 
  5. Being sensitive to others and suspend assumptions about who might have coronavirus.